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Roulette is a very easy online casino game to learn. Briefly described, it is a wheel with 37 (36 numbers and a 0) now numbered in compartments. The online roulette casino game then involves betting on what you now think the ball will stop at when the wheel has stopped spinning. You can also bet on, for example, a color combination because the wheel consists of black red compartments in addition to the 0 which is green and then double your bet if the ball should stay on the color you have bet on.

What has happened is that you have lost sek 1 + sek 2, ie sek 3 in total, but since you won when you bet sek 4, you have won back your sek 3 plus sek 1 extra. It is important to change color as soon as you win and start betting with sek 1 each time and then you keep doing so and build your balance slowly but surely. Also remember that the casino always wins in the long run and that is a online roulette casino game of chance, so even if we increase our chances of winning, the risk is still high that we will lose against the house.

The dealer spins the wheel and throws in a small ball that finally stops on a number and if that is the number you have bet on, you win. As usual with popular online roulette casino games of chance, there are many who would like to take the credit for being the country from which the online roulette casino games originate. As for roulette in particular, most people seem to have accepted that it is a basically online roulette casino game, so there is no need to argue about it anymore.

There is some scattered information about exactly when the first online roulette casino game came about and exactly what it looked like, but the novel from 1796 is usually included as a kind of proof that the online roulette casino game was played as early. Roulette is also mentioned as one of four online roulette casino games that became illegal in 1758, but in this case it was in that the online roulette casino game was mentioned. Feel free to try the method when you practice playing with play money at a casino.

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