Bonuses at New Casinos

That this development would take place did not come as a major surprise. When opportunities for bonuses and loyalty programs were limited, existing players would have to stand out in other ways. If you are already invested in the market, there is greater justification for trying to work according to the conditions that exist than it does for brand new casinos. Updating their game catalog with new titles, introducing flexible payment solutions and improving the user-friendliness of their websites should be a matter of course for all casinos.

But investing a little extra in your core product becomes extra motivated when you can no longer spend the money on reload bonuses, lavish trips to vip players or expensive loyalty programs. The number of new casinos with licenses to offer their games in casino is decreasing, as previously mentioned. However, the fact that the climate has become tougher for serious players has led to smaller and morally dubious casinos being given an opportunity. Through a license issued by, for example, the gaming authority on online casinos can be operated completely legally and fully regulated.

They can also receive casino games from without any real problems. As these casinos are not licensed by the casino gaming inspectorate, it is not permitted to offer their services to casino players. But since there is no practical opportunity for the casino gaming inspectorate to stop them from doing so, it is currently fairly risk-free for casinos with other licenses to offer games to casino. Since there are also no licenses in licenses, they can offer new and popular games from, for example, netent, quickspin or thunderkick and popular deposit methods.

Online casino game means that developers and suppliers are also licensed by the online casino gaming inspectorate. Such a type of license would have facilitated the channeling work as a requirement for the license could have been not to offer their services to casinos that offer their products even though they do not have a license. The big problem with these casinos not being affiliated with the online casino gaming inspectorate is that they play with completely different rules than the casinos that want to work for a healthy and regulated gaming market.

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