Caribbean Stud Poker

Caribbean stud poker is a card game that can be compared to blackjack and is based on traditional five-card poker, where one card is played openly. Caribbean stud poker has in a short time become very popular at online casinos a lot due to the simple rules and the opportunity to win big even with a small online poker casino. It involves trying to beat the dealer’s hand. The exciting thing is that you can also win with a lower hand. First, place the first online poker casino ante on the table.

Five cards are played hidden to you, the dealer also gets five cards but only four are played hidden and one open. After seeing your hand, you have two options either you play with the hand you received or you can fold and thus abstain from your online poker casino. If you play your hand, you must make another online poker casino, which is double the amount of your online poker casino. After making your decision, the dealer shows his four hidden cards. This way of investing makes it possible to take advantage of the winning concept when you are in a flow.

Caribbean stud poker is played with a deck of cards shuffled after each round. Should he not have it on hand, your online poker casino will be paid out to you, but not the additional online poker casino you made. If the dealer has an ace and a king and your hand is higher than his, both your ante online poker casino and the additional will be paid out to you. The online poker casino is paid out as even money. The dealer must have at least one ace and one king to be able to continue the online casino game.

The additional online poker casino is paid out corresponding to the value of your hand. If the dealer has a higher hand than you, you lose both online poker casinos; should both have equal hands, the game ends with a draw tie. If two hands are still equal after the above rules have been passed, there will be a draw and the pot will normally be split online poker casino between the two players involved. If your hand is equal to the dealer’s, the game becomes a push, and both your ante online poker casino and your call are paid back.

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