Online Blackjack Strategy

How to play blackjack is very easy to understand. To win, it is enough to have a hand which totals a number of points higher than the game of the blackjack dealer, while being the closest to 21. But be careful, you must not exceed the number 21 under penalty of losing your party. Even if blackjack seems complicated at first glance, you just have to play it a few times to realize that the blackjack rules are accessible. The blackjack is one of the legendary gambling who participated in the world-famous casinos thanks to the entertainment it provides to the player, by the simplicity of blackjack rules and dynamic game.

The basis of the blackjack rules is a card game that is played with 1 to 6 decks of cards. At the end of a game, the game is systematically shuffled using an automatic machine. This system was introduced in the black jack rules to eliminate the possibility of counting cards. We remember, in particular, the fascinating story of disciple of the no less famous. Who became millionaires in counting cards in blackjack. Well unfortunately, with the change of blackjack rules, it is much harder.

In blackjack casino, each player bets against the bank represented by the croupier. The blackjack rule stipulates that the latter is responsible for the proper functioning of the game since it is he who is responsible for the distribution of cards. To do so, he burns the first 5 cards of the deck. The bets are then recorded and placed on the playing mat. Then, the croupier deals to each player, and to himself, an open card visible to all. A second round of distribution follows for the players, but not for the croupier.

Each participant then has the possibility to ask for as many cards as he wishes, knowing full well that he must not exceed the number 21 on pain of losing the game. When all the players are finally satisfied with their game. Blackjack rule the counting of points and the distribution of winnings according to the rule used in the majority of casinos, the croupier must draw as many cards as necessary to arrive at a minimum of 17 points and stop when he totals this number of points or more. As previously announced, the goal of blackjack is to get as close to 21 points as possible. Ace and face are therefore the best possible combination. We will now see what are the different results according to the total points obtained.

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