Sticky Casino Bonuses

One of the most common forms of online casino gambling bonus is the sticky bonus. Outside of the USA this form of bonus is known as a non-redeemable bonus. Essentially this means that the bonus amount can never be withdrawn but usually your casino winnings can be! It all depends on the casino terms and conditions placed upon your gambling of this bonus.

A Sticky or Non-redeemable bonus is a bonus that online casinos give to players to play with which can never be withdrawn regardless of how much wagering is completed with the bonus money. However, you can usually withdraw any winnings you make by using this type of bonus. So, these online casino promotions can still be considered generous depending on the terms of withdrawing the winnings.  Some casinos will allow players to withdraw any and all winnings over and above the original bonus amount, however the bonus money is automatically removed from the players account when the withdrawal is processed.

This type of bonus has been around for a while and is most typically used to activate a player. These can either be players who have never made a deposit or existing players who haven’t stopped by for a while. It stands to reason that very few people turn down the opportunity of having a few spins on some free cash and its hoped that after you’ve played the non-redeemable bonus then you will try your luck with your own money.

From the player’s point of view, they give a good platform from which to try out a few casino games, see if you like the casino software and gameplay, and get an idea as to how easy it is to win!

As we’ve come to expect there are usually caveats attached to a sticky casino bonus and, you guessed it, they come in the form of wagering requirements. It’s always advisable to check out the terms and conditions when you’re given a bonus such as this but, by and large, you will be able to cash out your winnings relatively easily.

Online casinos like to mitigate risk and minimize losses so your non-redeemable bonus will tend to be of fairly low value, usually between $10 and $50 depending on the operator. Quick win games and those with a high payout percentage will usually be excluded. Also, if you’re one of those players that has never made their first deposit then you will usually be asked to do so in order to cash out your winnings. Hey, these are businesses after all! If you manage to land yourself one of these bonuses then we advise slamming into a few slot machines just to see what happens. You never know, you might strike it big!

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