What Software do I need for playing Casino Games Online?

Right, so you’ve got a computer ready for some gaming action.  The next step is to get the right software. Ok, pick the site you want to use (you can get help for your selection by visiting our recommended online casinos) and then download the software. Most, if not all, online gambling sites offer their software free to anyone who cares to use it – again this is obvious, ultimately they want your gambling business.  Be wary of anyone trying to charge for the software.

So, the majority of sites for gambling will insist that you download their software to get a slice of the cake.  Fear not, even for the download novice, your hand is held every step of the way, with on screen prompts and instruction to guide you through.

To download or play no download casino: That is the Question

As you become more familiar with the online casino sites, you will notice that often you have options on whether to download the casino software or use Flash or Shockwave software that requires no site-specific downloading.  So why the choice?

Download Casino Software

The file sizes of most downloadable software are fairly large. They may range from 5 to 20 megabytes (trust me, that’s pretty big) and they may take some time to download. Therefore it’s a good idea if you know at this stage whether you actually want to play at the casino that you have selected.   For poker, you will almost certainly need to download some software.

Downloaded software is generally considered as more secure and stable in terms of game play. Once downloaded, your dependence on the web server that it resides is reduced significantly. In plain English, this means that the game is physically on your computer and therefore its speed will be very fast, compared to the non-download option.

Non-Download Casino Software

The non-download games, also known as browser-based games, use Flash or Shockwave software.  These are based totally online and therefore don’t force anything onto your computer.  If you do not have the Flash or Shockwave playing software, you will need to download these in order to view the game. They come free of charge and in general, a prompt will appear on the screen if this is necessary.  You only have to do this once, and then you can view all Shockwave/Flash sites.

If you are without a fast connection speed, these games can often run and function slowly.  An obvious advantage of non-download casino software is if you are testing the casino to assess whether you wish to give it future business. Most casino games will be just as good whether you download or not but download has the advantage of being able to handle true live dealer casino games.

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